About Us

Be Something Apparel was created on the firm belief that we were all called to “Be” something.  Be Patient, Be Loving, Be Kind, Be Humble, Be Forgiving, and the list goes on.  

The concept began in 2020 as a way to give back to organizations who were financially effected by the Pandemic.  Specifically, churches, many of which were forced to close for extended periods of time.  

It gives people a unique way to support their church or organization, while at the same time providing them a personal and unique product.  It’s more than a shirt; it’s an idea, a suggestion, a testimony, a conversation starter, or perhaps more importantly, it’s a call to action… Be Something!

In an attempt to Be generous, the owner of Be Something Apparel personally donates 100% of the profits for each sale to the organization specified by the person making the purchase; when they use the designated Donation Code provided by the organization they are supporting. 

Donation Campaigns generally run 4 weeks. After which time, the profits of each purchase made during that period are donated back to the specified organization.  Churches and organizations can sign up for the program by clicking [here]. 

Our desire at Be Something Apparel is to spread hope, change lives, and to shine a positive light in a seemingly dark world.  

Be the Difference, Be the One, Be the Reason. Life’s short… Be Something!