Can I order a shirt without a Donation Code?

  • Yes. If your purchase is not supporting a specific organization, the profits will be donated to a nonprofit organization supported by the owner of Be Something Apparel.

How does my organization sign up?

  • Click [HERE] and fill out the Donation Campaign information form, and someone from Be Something Apparel will contact you within 2 business days.

How much can my organization make?

  • That depends on how well you promote the campaign. Organizations are provided everything they need to promote the donation campaign, including: Specific Donation Code, Printable Fliers, Projection Graphics, and Email Ads. The more the organization promotes the campaign, the more supporters order. The more items supporters order, the more money is given back to the organization.  

How do you determine how much money will be donated to the organization I support?

  • Each organization is given a specific “Donation Code” which is unique to them. When supporters purchase items during the donation campaign period and use the specified Donation Code provided to them by the organization, 100% of the profit of that purchase is donated back to that organization once the campaign is over. 

Do supporters have to attend my church or live in the area?

  • No. Supporters can order from anywhere at any time during the campaign and their items will be shipped directly to them. 

    What happens after my organization signs up?

    • Once an organization submits their Donation Campaign form, they will be contacted by a Be Something Apparel representative within 2 business days to finalize the details and answer additional questions. 

    How long does it take to start a donation campaign?

    • Once an organization submits their Donation Campaign form, their campaign can generally start within a few days.  

    After the donation campaign period, how does my organization receive the donations?

    • As orders are received, the Donation Code used is logged.  After the specified campaign period ends, the owner of Be Something Apparel issues a check to the organization for 100% of the profits for all of the orders received using their Donation Code.

    How long does it take to receive my shirts once they’re ordered?

    • Orders process immediately. Production can take up to 5 business days. Shipping times vary. 

    Where are the shirts produced?

    • Everything is proudly made in and ships from the USA.

    What brand are the shirts?

    • Be Something Apparel only uses top quality name brand garments.  Due to supply, actual brands may vary. 

    Why don’t you offer more shirt colors?

    • To keep overall costs down and production time to a minimum, Be Something Apparel does not offer a variety of garment and design colors. 

    Are the graphics proportional to the shirt size?

    • No. The graphics are the same size regardless of the size of the shirt. Therefore, the graphic will seem slightly larger on smaller garments and smaller on larger size garments.

    How is the cut of the Long Sleeve Shirts?

    • The Long Sleeve Shirt options are a universal Fit using a Men's Sizing Chart.